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      • I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Chanukah, and Quanza. I saw on Facebook a lot of pictures of all the kids and their presents. I just love it. There's a folder on the side with pictures of all of us together here on Christmas Eve. We get together just before the big party to exchange gifts. Then we roll right into the party. Check out the Family and Party Folders. Fun Stuff.

      The 35th Annual Cantore Christmas was a good time. Very Loud, Very Crowded, Very much fun. We had a lot of people this year who haven't come in a long time, or have never been. It was great to see Brett Glassy, Mike Filosa, Sean Betit check it out. Mike Keleher, and Brian Gerbrick came to spend some time. Take a look at the picture folders to see who else... There are a ton of PARTY pictures to see!!!!!

      • Soon I'll update the Calendar for upcoming Events and Birthdays.