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    This is Trip's 1st year of baseball. He plays Pre-Tee for Levittown America. Tony Jr. is the Manager, and I am his coach (Known as Coach Pop-Pop). We had our parade, and our first game on Saturday April 11th. Fun stuff for sure. We did real well in our game, making 5 outs on defense against the other team. We made no outs at the bat! Great Game Guys! (Trip, Ace, Casey, Conner, Jayden, and Shane)

    Check the Folder for a bunch of pics.!

    Happy Birthday to Rosie, our little Softball Playing, Cheerleading, Sweetheart!

    Check out the Cheerleading Album to see more pics!


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         The  BC CruZers

      • Lunch Run on a Sunday May 3rd!

      • Mike Sassano (Sergeant at Arms), Jenel Marraccini (Secretary/Treasurer), Jason Marraccini (Lieutenant), TJ Marston (Road Captain), Tony Cantore Jr. (Vice President), Cheryl Cantore (Queen), With SR (President).